Terms and Conditions

Social network terms and conditions

This is a CANADIAN SUNPAL POWER LLC, Social Networking. It should be used to indicate a website's rules and policies, and the rights and obligations of those who use the website.

CANADIAN SUNPAL POWER LLC,based on the template provide a limited license to social network users, who are permitted only to view, download to a web browser cache and print pages from the social network site. Streaming and access to other website services may also be included in the permitted uses. Uses that may be expressly banned include republishing or selling website information and commercial uses.

The CANADIAN SUNPAL POWER LLC,contain additional restrictions on use of the social network site, which include prohibitions on uses that harm the website or harm people, that constitute fraud or are otherwise against the law, or that spread malware or that involve systematic data gathering. Other potential prohibitions include using robots and using information from the site for direct marketing.

The CANADIAN SUNPAL POWER LLC, require users wishing to access social networking functionality to register an account, and to secure their passwords. Users must be above a minimum age and a residency requirement may be included. By using the site, users implicitly agree to the CANADIAN SUNPAL POWER LLC, and they should be asked to expressly agree to the CANADIAN SUNPAL POWER LLC, upon registration.

Certain hazards are inherent in social networking. For instance, derogatory messages may be posted by users, including messages that might be actionable. The CANADIAN SUNPAL POWER LLC, contain an explicit agreement from the user that the user will not take action against the social network in respect of such posts.

Although users provide a license to the social network and waive various rights with respect to what they post to the site, users remain responsible for their content. This content must observe strict limitations: in sum, user posts must not be contrary to law or deemed otherwise undesirable. The CANADIAN SUNPAL POWER LLC,provide further details on these restrictions, which prohibit in particular libel, obscenity, violations of intellectual property rights, negligence, hate speech and numerous other illegal and unlawful acts. The social network retains the right to edit or remove user content and to block a user's access to the site.

The social network will benefit from limitations on its liability; users agree that the social network will not be held liable for any damage caused by their violation of the CANADIAN SUNPAL POWER LLC,or their use of the social network site.

The social network may modify the CANADIAN SUNPAL POWER LLC, periodically in its discretion. The CANADIAN SUNPAL POWER LLC, provide the option as to how to notify users of any changes and obtain their agreement to the updated T&Cs. The social network may also transfer its rights under the contract in its discretion.